Our goal was to develop a fresh look that captured the fiery and distinct flavors of a new line of hot sauces while staying true to the Moore’s brand heritage.


We felt these sauce bottles should overflow with intrigue, so we helmed a photoshoot to reveal just a bit of the concealed heat of the peppers within. Together with a deep and stark backdrop, juicy splashes, and frontier typography, we created an identity for Moore’s Hot Sauce that’s as irresistibly enticing as the product.

What we did
Directional Boards
Logo Design
Market Research
Packaging Design
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Latest Work

Antigua Oro

Witnessing an uptick in the Hispanic coffee-drinking market, as well as growth potential in the ever-booming ready-to-drink, health benefits-driven beverages segment, Antigua Oro sought to create a never-before-seen coffee beverage.


As a fledgling company, Cabeau was in need of a complete reexamination of its visual and verbal brand platform in order to keep up with its level of innovation in the field of travel accessories.


Thermal-Aid, a 100% natural heating and cooling pack product line, required a redesign to respond to retailer pressure for improved brand communication on more consumer-friendly packaging.