Market Research

You simply can't build a foundation without first reading the landscape. We'll analyze your current positioning, demographic, and competitive set to define your brand’s unique value to the marketplace and position it for optimal growth.

Directional Boards

Seeing your brand's look and feel come to life is one of the most exciting phases of development. Prior to the design stage, we’ll take you on a visual exploration with several custom vision boards to ensure that we’ll be designing a look that you love.

Packaging Design

This is where the difference between a "world-class" and "back-of-the-class" brand becomes obvious. We’re not in the business of just making you a pretty, stand-alone package. Taking into account all the physical and emotional aspects of your product, we’ll create a versatile system that can roll out into future SKUs as you grow.


Package Structure

A label or design isn’t the only thing that sets packaging apart. Often it’s the appealing or stand-out shape of the package itself. We’ll develop a unique structure for your package, taking your on-shelf presence to a higher level of sensory appeal and functionality.

Pitch Deck

Put the burden of organizing your presentation on us. We’ll create a sharp-looking 8-10 slide pitch deck to help you sell your product to potential retailers, investors, and partners.

Sell Sheet

We want to give you tools for real-world success, so we’ll arm you with a one-sheet flyer to help promote your product at trade shows, to investors, or through email campaigns.


We’ll get your files buttoned up and ready for print.

Brand Platform

Selling your product hinges on deliberate, effective communication. Potential customers need to know where you’re coming from and what you stand for. We’ll help you win over your target market by helping you define your unique place in the market and translating that to precise verbal communication.

Logo Design

Recognition of your brand's personality and quality relies heavily on the strength of your logo. We’ll create a mark for you that will stand out from the competition, connect with your demographic, and endure in an ever-evolving world of choice.

Brand Toolkit

We’ll develop a mini-style guide for your brand, establishing brand standards that will help make rolling out future materials internally or with partners a breeze.

Latest Work

The Dirty Cookie

Southern California-based sweets shop, The Dirty Cookie, had built a delicious reputation with their unique, hand-crafted "cookie shots," and needed a fresh logo and look that oozed taste-appeal.

Antigua Oro

Witnessing an uptick in the Hispanic coffee-drinking market, as well as growth potential in the ever-booming ready-to-drink, health benefits-driven beverages segment, Antigua Oro sought to create a never-before-seen coffee beverage.


Thermal-Aid, a 100% natural heating and cooling pack product line, required a redesign to respond to retailer pressure for improved brand communication on more consumer-friendly packaging.